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Mr Gumpy's Outing

We have been doing lots of exploring this last half-term.

We have explored our school and talked about the rooms we see and the people who work in them.

We have explored  our houses and looked at the rooms and their different purposes.

This week we will talk about exploring the outside and go on another little Autumn walk around our school grounds. The weather is starting to turn and our school environment is changing.

Mr Gumpy also goes on an outing and this is our focus story for the week. Take a look at the video below to listen and watch the story. To help really learn the story why not have a go at using the signs. 

The  single letters we will be looking at this week inspired by our story are 'g' and 't'


Visit Evie and  Dodge or Cbeebies alphabet songs to spot the letters of the week.

Have a go at blending with the letter t and building up some magic words

For children moving onto learning special friends we will be finding words that use the 'ng' sound eg outing, string, thing.

Following on from the fabulous photo's  sent in last week we will be learning the different signs for things in your home.

The children absolutely LOVED their show and tell time talking about their pictures with the rest of the class. Their faces lit up when they saw themselves on the big screen. It really brought their learning to life for them so thank you so much for participating on Tapestry.


Our 5 minutes of movement each morning is going to double check we are all familiar with the different parts of our bodies!