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Astro Girl!

For our story this week we get to meet another child who dreams of shooting off into the dark to explore!

Here is the author of the story telling us all about the process of writing his book. He also gives a really good explanation about the different parts a book.

The single sounds that we will be re-visiting this week are 'a' and 'g'. We will particularly be looking at the anti-clockwise movement that is needed to get the letter formation correct on these letters. We will also introduce the letter 'r' for robot and rockets!



For the children learning special friends this week (two letters making one sound) we will be finding out words that use the 'ir' sound in girl. eg. whirl and twirl. and words that use 'oy' eg toys for the boy.

Visit Evie and Dodge to reinforce these sounds at home or sing along with an alphabet song and play I spy with words that start with our letters of the week.

Can you blend the letters together to make simple words?


For our sign of the week to accompany all of our stories and sounds we will be learning all about words we are using in our topic at the moment.

For our maths this week..... we are focussing on the shapes 'circle' and 'triangle'. We will be looking at these songs to help us learn the properties of each shape.


For our movement exercises this week can we do rocket pose?

Our morning workout links to the letter 'a'

We have been learning about real life astronauts and here is the British astronaut Tim Peake talking from space.

and finally a useful song describing the planets


Other stories we might get to look at this week are

Goodnight spaceman - with lots of rhyming words to find or toys in space