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Lots of stories and rhymes about bedtimes.

For next week we are turning our attention to bedtime routines and actually getting to sleep!

Watch the lovely animation of one of our favourite stories. 

Another lovely story all about getting to sleep  is Peace at last.


Letters that we will be getting to know this week are......... letters that make the 'c' sound. 


We will be talking about sleep a lot this week so we will also be looking at the special friends 'ee'

Visit Evie and Dodge to reinforce these sounds at home or sing along with an alphabet song and play I spy with words that start with our letters of the week.

Can you blend the letters together to make simple words?


Mr Tumble is going to teach us some useful signs for bedtime this week

Our nursery rhyme this week is Hickory Dickory Dock

There will be lots of talk too about 'who helps to keep us safe whilst we are asleep?'

In fact - does everyone go to sleep at the same time?

We will be talking about the signs we see that tell us it is time for bed and the routines we do to get ourselves ready. There are lots of rhyming words in this story. Can you spot them?

Our maths focus this week ...... We will be looking into the different ways we can make 4 and 5 as well as introducing the children to squares and  cube shapes.  We will be using the lessons from our White Rose Maths scheme using the Light and dark lessons from week 2. If you want to take a look at these at home click here

Our yoga this week talks about doing yoga before bed as part of a good bedtime routine.

and our 5 minutes every day is linked to the sound 'ck'

Christmas is also going to start to be mentioned this week as we start to practice our Christmas songs. A story that introduces Christmas and reinforces the 'ck' phonics we will be doing this week is "Stickman" by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite authors. You can access the lovely animated tale on BBC player if you click here.

As we are talking about bedtime routines we are focussing on a very important routine for children to do..... cleaning their teeth.

To help with this here is a catchy little song that tells them all they need to know