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Owl Babies

This week we are going to ask the question - Do animals sleep at night too?

We will be using the story "Owl Babies" to teach the children about nocturnal animals such as owls, foxes, bats and, hedgehogs and badgers.

Here is the delightful animation of the story.

As usual we will be linking our phonics to our story of the week.

We will be checking that the children recognise the letter 'o' and are going in the anticlockwise direction as they try to write it.To help with that we have started to say "back around the orange" This gives the children a little prompt as to which direction they go when they start to write it.

We will also be introducing the special friends (two letters, one sound) 'oo' as in twit two! and  we will be explaining the 'ow' in owl.


As some of the children are not able to be in school at the moment here are a couple of phonics lessons for you to play.



Our signs for  the week will help us to act out the story

Our Traditional Nursery rhyme of the week 

Here is also a counting down  rhyme about 5 little owls. 

or maybe we could count all the way upton 10!

Our 5 mins of movement 

Yoga time this week

On Wednesday all around the school the classes are going to have a "Christmassive maths morning" . In our room we will be linking all of our maths to shape and number activities all to do with Christmas! You can join in at home too so watch this space as we will be attaching lots of ideas.

As well as the Christmas maths we will still be using the White Rose Maths home learning resources Light and Dark week 3 lessons. Click here to be taken to the pages where children who are stuck at home can take part in the same lessons we are having at school so they won't miss out on a thing. The children are so used to learning with "Miss Cooper" now that it is a really familiar practice for them.

Our science and Understanding of the world this week is learning about animals that come out at night.

Here are some  resources for the children to watch at home and in school.


Below you will find some activities should you need any further resources at home.

We are introducing the vocabulary 'nocturnal' (active at night)  and 'diurnal' (active during the day)

Subitising is just having the ability to quickly make an accurate estimation of a group of objects without having to actually count each one.

Have a true or false game all about nocturnal animals to test your knowledge.

Can you work out what sound the animals have as their first letter?