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Nocturnal animals exploring.

We are going to continue to find out about animals that come out at night. We have been learning that they are called "Nocturnal"  which means they are mainly active at night.

Our phonics for this week are the single letter sounds 'f' and  'x'

Use Evie and Dodge and the cBeebies alphabet songs to try and spot words starting using these two letters.

Can you start to blend using these letters?


Our set 2 special friends may be a little confusing! Last week we found out that 'ow' can be used in the word owl but this week we are going to look at the alternative way of saying it! eg 'ow' as in blow the snow! Just in time for some Christmas snow showers!

Take a look at the video below if you are learning your phonics at home this week.

Continuing our bedtime theme we will be singing "ten in the bed"

Our signs of the week are all about woodland animals


Here is a video with lots of facts about foxes.

To continue reinforcing the work we have been doing on people who help us at night our 5 minutes of movement will be about a Police Officer.

Our yoga this week supports our learning about foxes and this little fox is not afraid of the dark!

Our music lesson this week is from the Oak Academy and we will also get to meet Chris Hadfield the astronaut we met at the beginning of this topic. He liked to sing in space!

If you are learning from home.... see below for the resources we will also be using at school.

Use White Rose Maths Home learning to keep up with your maths lessons too. We will be visiting Light and dark week 3. Click here to be taken to these activities

In class we are learning all about how numbers have to go in a special sequence and how to spot any mistakes. We are also having a big push on number formation. Added below are rhymes we use to help us to remember how to write them. Remember numbers don't have to be written , then can be drawn in snow, painted with water or even created from food!