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Happy New Year!

Welcome back after your Christmas Holiday.

Did any of you go to see a pantomime?

Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning all about tales that have been used in pantomimes.

Oh yes we are........

To start off with we are going to read a couple of stories written by famous storytellers from a long time ago. The Snow Queen was written by  Hans Christian Anderson and Snow White was written by the Brothers Grimm.

Here is a quick reminder of the stories.



Our stories support our phonics as usual and for children just starting to learn their set 1 RWI sounds we will be looking at the letters   's' and 'a' for the apple that snow-white bites into. 


Click here to visit Evie and Dodge introducing the letter 's' as well as using the CBeebies alphabet songs to sing about words starting with the 's' sound.

Maybe have a go at blending a few single sounds together to make a word using 's'?

For children who have moved onto their set 2 RWI digraphs (special friends)  we are going to start applying the 'ow' and the 'qu' special friends into our writing.


If you want to have a go at home practising your phonics much in the same way we do at school take a look at Abi's phonics for 'ow' and 'qu'.



Our rhymes this week are introducing Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens!


Our 5 minutes of morning movement is Drip Drop Rain..... see below. 

To learn how to communicate in different ways we will continue our focus on signing. Our signs this week are all about the weather.

For our maths this week we will be starting our White Rose Maths  "Alive in 5" focus.

We will be introducing the concept of zero and learn how to count backwards from 5 and then count backwards from 10. 

We will be singing the song "5 currant buns in a bakers shop" to help the children take one bun away at a time and count back to having no buns left ..... 0!