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Another week, another traditional tale!

This week we will be sharing the story of Cinderella… Just like Puss in Boots and Dick Whittington... A tale that has been passed down through generations. We will be looking at several versions of the story and talking about how they are similar and different. 

In our phonics sessions we will be exploring the ‘s’ sound and how it doesn’t always appear as ‘s’ like in Cinderella.

Have a go at blending this week's sounds with the Alphablocks...

For those who are beginning to use their special friends (two letters that make one sound). We will be focusing on the 'er' digraph... 'er' as in Cinderella!

Here's Abbi telling you all about the 'er' digraph...

Can you think of any words with the 'er' digraph in?

Well where will Cinderella live now that she’s happily married to the Prince?
...In a castle of course! This is our Makaton sign for the week. Check out how to sign 'castle' with Lucinda and her Mum here.

We will be looking at castles from around the world and talking about their key features. We will then apply this knowledge to construct our very own castles. Watch this space for pictures of our creations!
Here is the key vocabulary we will be covering:

Can you have a go at creating your own shape castle at home? (Attached below)

In maths, we are coming to the end of our 'Alive in 5' topic... The children have been amazing at representing five in different ways and applying their number knowledge to solve problems. Check out some of the activities we have been doing in the PDF below or follow this link.
This week will be exploring capacity and trying to find out which magic potion bottles will hold the most liquid. We'll also be making cakes, carefully measuring out the ingredients. 

Our song of the week is ‘Sing a song of Sixpence’ – we will be using this as a hook to explore how things have changed since the olden days. 

Our weekly dance n beats will be ‘Knock, Knock' just like the Prince knocking on all the doors to find the owner of the glass slipper!