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Hello Little Explorers, and welcome back! We hope you've all had a wonderful half-term. 

We have been blown away with your bake off snaps and how many of you have got involved in our challenge. Big thank you for sending in your delicious bakes, we are excited to share them in school and add them to our home corner, so the children can hopefully role-play their baking experiences. 

So our new topic, 'build it up'  is kicking off with a classic fairytale... 'I'll huff, I'll puff, I'll blow your house down'. You've guessed it, it's The Three Little Pigs! We will be sharing this tale for two weeks and reading lots of different versions, comparing how the stories are similar and different.

We will be becoming storytellers by re-telling the story and making up our own adapted versions using lots of acting out and expression! 

In phonics, we are continuing re-visiting our Set 1 sounds to help us apply them confidently in our reading and writing. We will be focusing on a sound a day. Have a go at applying these sounds using your speedy sounds card pack- can you create and blend any words? Super spicy challenge- can you write any words? 
Week 1 sounds re-cap (21.02.22 - 24.02.22)

Week 2 sound re-cap (28.02.22 - 04.03.22)

We are consolidating some of our red tricky words too.  We will be playing lots of games to help us recognise and spot these words as we have to learn them by sight and not sound them out (hence them being so tricky!)

The children love singing along to this video in class, sing along at home!

We will be working on our drawing skills, drawing blueprint designs of our dream house, drawing and labelling our own fairytale and books and making 'Big Bad Wolf' wanted posters. Have a go at practising drawing skills with this fun let's get squiggling episode.

To help us delve into our building topic, we will be looking at homes from around the world and talking about the materials they are made from. Can you look at your house...  What has it been built with? Can you spot any different materials? 

We will be exploring materials and their different purposes and properties, for example why windows are made of glass, so that we can see through them.
Can you go on a material hunt around your house... What different materials can you find? Can you name them? Can you find something that is wooden, metal, plastic, rubber, material? Describe what it feels like... Hard, soft, bendy, smooth etc. 

In maths, we are starting our 'Building 9 and 10'  topic, check out our white rose scheme of learning below. Watch this Numberblocks episode to help compare and combine quantities. Be sure to check out your doodle maths challenges and get collecting those stars. 

We will be exploring and describing the properties of 2D shapes. Can you spot any 2D shapes at home? What shape is a clock, a book, your television? Go on a shape hunt and share what you find on tapestry. 

We will be moving and grooving each morning to these jazzy dance n beats tunes...


As always, we LOVE seeing what you are getting up to at home. Have a go at one of the 'Three Little Pigs' challenges below, send in your shape snaps or what materials you discover around the house.