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As part of our science week, we had the lovely Amanda and Nicola (who are setting up Keyworth's community garden) come and visit us. They told us all about worms and how important they are in making the perfect soil for growing plants. The children were fascinated to find out that worms don't have eyes, and they breathe through their skin! 

We pretended to be magpies and got the worms to the surface by digging and stamping our feet (which tricks the worms into thinking it's raining). As they wriggled to the surface, we collected worms and made our own worm farms by layering soil and sand and putting cabbage on the top for them to eat. We made sure the jars had holes in the top, so the worms could breathe. We then wrapped our worm farms in black paper, so it was like they were underground.

We are excited to see the tunnels that the worms dig over the next few weeks!