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We hope you all had a fab Easter break together and enjoyed the lovely sunshine! Fingers crossed the wonderful weather stays 🌞🤞

If you fancy sending us any photos of what you’ve been up to during the holidays, please feel free to send them in on Tapestry. The children always love sharing these in class. 
We can't wait to see you all on Tuesday! 

Our new big idea for the next half-term is... 'The Big Wide World'

In the Big Wide World project, your child will find out about the amazing world in which they live! They will learn about different climates and explore habitats and the animals that live there. They will locate the United Kingdom on a world map and compare life in the United Kingdom with life elsewhere. We will be learning about different cultures, celebrating differences and talking about how we are all wonderfully unique!

How you can support your child at home:

  • Share and discuss our ‘Big Ideas’  poster (see clearer PDF at the bottom of the page).
  • Use Google Earth to explore where you live and look up places you would like to visit.
  • Talk about places around the world you have visited, or places that family members or friends live. Look at the places on a map and talk about ways you might travel there.
  • If you've been on holiday, send in photographs of where you went for the children to talk about in class. If you go away, send a postcard to school, and we can add to our United Kingdom or world map.
  • Watch episodes of ‘Where in the world’ on CBeebies. What can you find out about life in other countries?