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Our story of the week is 'Handa's Surprise' ... Another one of our favourites! Watch the animated version of the story below. 

What is your favourite fruit? Can you re-call any of the cheeky animals from the story? Have you ever felt surprised? 

Can you draw a story map to re-tell the story? Have a look at some of our 'Handa's surprise' inspired actvities to try at home (attached at bottom of the post).
As always, we would love to see what you get upto on Tapestry! 

We will be also learning this traditional African folk chant which has a great beat. Sing along at home!


We are continuing to use the blog to practise the sounds we are finding particularly tricky in our reading and writing.

This week we have special friends 'ng' and 'nk'... Special friends are two letters that make one sound.
Click the links to watch the videos and practise sounds, 'ng' and 'nk'.

We are also trying to embed our red words, spotting them in our ditty books and applying them to write simple sentences. Red words are tricky words, that often appear in texts, they usually can't be sounded out and having 'tricky letters' in them.

Watch this video, Rosie will help you to remember tricky words 'the' and 'no'.

Our F1 children are doing a brilliant job at 'Fred Talk' games in Nursery... Pushing sounds together when they have been segmented. Watch this this 'Fred Says...' video  or play your own Fred talk game at home. 


We are getting so whizzy with our maths! This term, we are starting a new scheme of learning in our White Rose programme called 'to 20 and beyond' find the breakdown of the coverage following this link to the White Rose website. Also, check out the scheme of learning attached below, which has lots of activity ideas you could try at home. 

Follow this link this link for some great interactive, ipad friendly games that will help children consolidate numbers to 20. 

.This number block episode is all about the 'teen' numbers! 

Get moving and singing at home with this great African 'A lion has a tail' song.