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All around the world!

The children are really enjoying our 'Big Wide World' topic. This week we will be focusing on the big ideas question 'How do we travel around the world?'. We will be looking at different modes of transport and talking about which ones are practical for travelling long distances. We will also be comparing past and present modes of transport and talking about how transport has changed over time. 

We are lucky to have our topic come to life, with Mrs Gerrard going on holiday this week! We will be following Mrs Gerrard's journey, tracking her on a map on the cruise ship she is on! How exciting. 

We will also be sharing the great book 'Coming to England', an uplifting, true story about Floella's journey from Trinidad to London, overcoming adversity and making friends. Have a listen at home...

Check out these brilliant CBeebies episodes .... Stories about the everyday lives of children living in countries around the world.

We are so proud of how hard the children are working in their phonics sessions. It would be great for this learning to be consolidated at home, reading their new reading books or ditties with them at home a couple of times a week. Let us know how they get on by writing a comment in their reading diary. 

Here are a few sounds the children are finding particularly tricky, have a watch of the RWI videos to help the children embed these special friends in their reading and writing. 

Have a go at this phonics play game- a fun blending game where you can sort real words into treasure and nonsense words into trash (select phase 2, 3 or 4 depending on which sounds your children know). 

We are also working on our drawing skills in class, have a go at drawing along with Squiglet at home! We would love to see your drawings!


This week we will be starting our white rose topic of 'Find my pattern', we will be looking at what the word doubling means, and applying it using different resources. Have a look at the overview below, can you have a go at one of the challenges?  

Download the White Rose '1 minute maths' app here to support your children's learning at home, alongside their doodle maths.