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This week we will be our sports week. We will be getting involved with lots of fun activities in school including Bollywood dancing! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post during the week.

Sports week has fallen perfectly into our topic of 'Ready, Steady, Grow'. The big ideas question's that we will be exploring this week are: 

How do we keep our bodies fit and healthy?

What food is good for us and keeps us healthy?

We will be finding out all about what foods we need to have a balanced diet and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. We will be sharing the two stories below and making our own fruit salad just like Oliver! 



In maths, we have been finding out about the difference between even and odd numbers... The children seemed to have picked up this tricky concept really quickly! Check out the number blocks exploring odds and evens. 


Foundation reading challenge

We will be giving the children a raffle ticket for each time they read at home... These raffle tickets will be entered into a weekly prize draw.

Please sign your child's diary with what they have read and how they got on. There are no limits with how many times you read at home or what you read-although for F2 children, please make sure it includes their reading books or ditties that are sent home. 

Other reading suggestions:

  • Sharing a bedtime story together
  • Looking at a recipe together and seeing if the children can help to blend some words or spot any special friends
  • Sharing a magazine or comic and talking about their favourite part
  • Listening to an audiobook together-there are lots available for free online