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This week we will be talking about how fruit and vegetables are fresh foods that are good for us. We will be exploring the different ways they are grown and how important they are to stay healthy. We will be trying different fruits and vegetables and picking our favourites as well as growing some vegetables in our garden! 

We will be sharing the story 'I will not ever, never eat a tomato'.... Watch the animation below, are there any foods you don't particularly like or haven't ever tried? Maybe you could try some this week... You never know, you might love them just like Lola!

We will be sharing this fairytale gone wrong- 'Give us a smile Cinderella' - which is all about the importance of looking after our teeth...


Can you have a go at making one of these delicious ice lollies at home? Here are some recipe ideas...

The children are wowing us with their reading and writing skills - keep it up little explorers!

Have a go at this game at home... The children love it in school! Obb and Bob are brothers, and they love to eat snacks! Bob likes snacks with real words on them whereas Obb likes the nonsense alien words!

Here are a few speedy sounds lessons you could watch at home with sounds the children are finding particularly tricky. These are special friends, two letters that make one sound.

Here is a video showing how we spell words using our 'Fred Fingers', we use this strategy to help segment words to hear all the sounds and then pinch the sounds to help us match them to letters when writing.

For our F1 children, have a listen to this Fred Talk game, helping children blend sounds together!

This week we are problem-solving using shapes. One of our weekly challenges is 'What smaller shapes can you use to make a bigger shape?' 

Check out this number blocks episode to explore what numbers can make rectangle shapes. Are the numbers even or odd?