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This week we will be exploring the big idea's questions:

  • What is a farm? 
  • Which animals live on a farm?
  • What are baby farm animals called?  
  • What is wheat used for?  

We will be sharing the text of the Little Red Hen and using makaton signs to re-tell the story.
We will be talking about how wheat is turned into flour and how windmills work, before having a go at baking our own bread! Check out the story below: 

Check out these great Cbeebies 'on the farm' episodes, a series looking at what happens on farms, from livestock to harvesting, as well as where food comes from and how it's grown.

There's also this great 'a year on the farm' game where you can care for animals, plant seeds and see them grow! There are a lot of changes on the farm during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Here are some activity ideas you could try at home: