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Little Dreamers First Big Idea...

Our topic for the next couple of weeks, to help transition and settling into foundation will also include elements of 'Marvellous Me' - getting to know your wonderful children, sharing the colour monster stories and talking about our families and what we like doing with them. If you could send a family photo in on tapestry, we are hoping to add these to our home corner display 😊 

Alongside Marvellous me, we will be starting the Marvellous Machines project, your child will learn about technology that is part of their daily lives. They will explore various machines, learn about how machines help us and find out about how machines have changed and developed over time. They will learn about products that use electricity to make them work and explore magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Supporting your child at home

  • Talk about the machines and technology you use in your everyday lives (we will be sending out a tapestry for a show and tell on this next week). 
  • Spot different modes of transport you see when out and about-are they on land, in the air or on water?
  • Have a trip to the Space centre in Leicester-here you will find the most marvellous machine… A ROCKET!
  • Look for things in the home that are powered by electricity/batteries
  • Share and discuss the ‘Big Ideas’ resource below (and attached as a PDF)