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What Vehicles Travel on Land?

This week our big idea questions are:

  • What is a vehicle?
  • What vehicles travel on land?

We will be talking about all the vehicles we spotted during the tour of Britain last week including ambulances, police motorbikes, a breakdown van and of course the super speedy bikes! We will be looking at vehicles and their wheels and thinking why do some vehicles have such big wheels? (e.g. a tractor).

We will be sharing this brilliant story: You can't take an Elephant on a Bus, have a listen at home:

We will also be singing and learning the makaton signs for the song 'the wheels on the bus'

Our makaton signs of the week will be learning colours... Here's the prime colours you could have a go signing at home.

🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗

Here are some activity ideas you could try at home linked to out topic: 

The F2's have totally blown us away in their RWI sessions last week! Hopefully they are impressing you  with their speedy sounds at home!

This week we will be learning to read and write these sounds:


We will learn a sound each day and the new sound cards will be put into book bags to practise at home. Your children could always have a go at the formation too if they are feeling extra clever! Saying the handwriting saying as they write (e.g. i - down the body, dot for the head). This doesn't have to be pen and paper, it could be chalks outside, drawing in bubbles in the bath, with sticks in the mud... The possibilities are endless! 

  • Last week the children made beautiful paper frames and decorated them-these are to go in our home corner... If you could send a family photo in on tapestry we can add these to your child's frame 😊 🏡💕 (thanks to everyone that has already done this). 
  • (F2) Over the next couple of weeks, Miss Inglis and Mrs Gerrard will be completing the statutory RBA baseline with the F2 children. Please find more information in PDF attached to this page,  as always if you have any questions feel free to speak to one of us. 
  • (F2) We are still a few PE kits short in school- if PE kits could be in school for PE on Wednesday that would be great (black shorts, white t-shirt and plimsolls or trainers). We can keep PE kits in school and send them home every half-term to be washed. Any practise getting changed at home independently is hugely appreciated! 
  • We will be making small box modelled vehicles next week. If you have any resources at home that could help create these, we would love to add them to our make and do area (small cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots, milk bottle tops etc). Thanks so much.
  • A huge well done to everyone reading at home and signing your diaries! Remember to tick off a number on the bronze reward page at the back of your diaries each time you read/practise your speedy sounds... You are well on your way to getting your bronze awards! 🌟📚🎉🤸‍♂️ (Remember Blaze's Reading Lair counts as an entry too!)