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What vehicles travel in the air and on water?

We are continuing our 'Marvellous Machines' topic and looking at transport that travels in the air and on water. We will be looking at aeroplanes, creating our own role play plane (passports included) and finding out who Amelia Earhart is (ask us at home!). We will be looking at the wonderful underwater machine that is a submarine as well as making our own boats and testing out if they float or sink in our water tray. 

We will be sharing this fabulous story all about Emma Jane's Aeroplane and how she travels around thew world 🌎✈️ have a listen at home: 

We will also be singing and practising some jazzy yoga moves to this song with lots of different modes of transport: 

Check out this Cbeebies episode to have a look at lots of marvellous flying machines!

Can you complete the transport sorting activity attached to this page? You could print it or just say whether you think the vehicle travels on land, sea or the air!

🚀 🚓🚐✈️🚡🚢🚜 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚀 🚓🚐✈️🚡🚢🚜 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗

(F2) This week we will be learning to read and write these sounds...

We are so incredibly clever and have started reading simple words in our phonics lessons. Have a look at this video to see the way we teach blending in school... You could have a go at reading some words using your speed sound cards! Show your grown-ups how amazing you are! Remember to sign those diaries- it's wonderful to see how much reading you are doing at home. 

This week we will be starting our White Rose Topic- '1,2,3 Just like me'. Here is an overview of the skills we will be covering:

  • Remember school is closed for the Queen's funeral on Monday 19th September. School will also be closed to children on Friday 23rd September as it is an inset day. 
  • (F2) Remember to keep being whizzy and staying in that green zone on doodle maths- Mrs King says little and often is perfect (5 minutes a day to collect those stars!). Let us know if you have any issues with your login. 
  • Next Thursday (22nd) there will be a phonics meeting straight after school in the hall - find out all things RWI and how you can help support your child at home.