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Blast off!

This week we will be exploring the big idea questions: 

Where do rockets go? 
What is an astronaut?  

We will be sharing the brilliant story 'Rocket Look up'... All about a little girl called Rocket who wants to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher and space-traveller that ever lived, just like Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.

We will also be sharing one of our favourite stories 'Whatever Next' and using our imaginations to pretend we are taking a trip to the moon... And more importantly deciding what we would pack to go on the adventure. 

We will be getting our groove on to these songs:

As well as helping us to learn the names of the planets in our solar system:

Thank you to everyone that attended our RWI meeting last week! We will post a link on here of the presentation for anybody that couldn't make it. We will be sharing videos of how to support your child at home on here-as always, if you have any questions please ask.

The sounds we will be learning to read and write this week are:

It's incredible to see the children beginning to read by blending sounds together. Here is a video of how we teach this skill in school.

  • To help create our wonderful rockets-we would love any donations of cardboard tubes. 
  • (F2) We are currently 2nd place in the doodle maths league table across the school - let's see if we can get first place next week with as many of us staying in the green zone! Keep up the super work Little Dreamers!