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Marvellous Machines... Robots!

This week our big ideas questions are:

What does a robot do?

What does an engineer do? 

We will be looking at different robots and machines and the incredible jobs they do... Including hoover robots, robots that can build cars and machines in factories that make things that we use every day! 

We will be sharing this brilliant story:

Along with the sequel... No Bot-The Robot's New Bottom!

We will be moving and grooving to these vintage Barney tunes:


Along with making our own 2D shape robots and of course doing lots of improvised robot dancing!



We are SO PROUD of how brilliantly the children are doing with their phonics. We are starting to be extra speedy with our sounds and trying really hard to form them correctly. We are also starting to blend sounds together to read simple words! Keep up the super work Little Dreamers! 

The sounds we will be learning to read and write this week are: 

We will be learning our first special friends 'sh' - these are two letters that make one sound. We will spend two days rather than one day learning 'sh'. Here is a video of teaching the children to read the sound 'sh'.

In maths, we are continuing our White Rose topic 'just like me'. We will be looking at comparing sizes, weights and capacities as well as exploring simple patterns. Here are some activity ideas of how you could support this learning at home:

  • If you could donate any loose parts to the Foundation Unit that would be amazing (nuts & bolts, beads, corks, screws, empty tin cans, buttons, pebbles, shells, bottle tops, pom-poms, CD's, feathers etc). These won't just be useful for our marvellous machine's topic- but all year round! 
  • (F2) If you could send in a photo on tapestry of any marvellous machines you have at home (your favourite ones-could be your car, the Hoover, the microwave, a blender ) - We will use these for a show and tell session next week.
  • (F1) Check tapestry for a home learning challenge! 
  • (F2) Little Dreamers are 2nd to last in the doodle maths table-get collecting those stars, so hopefully we can boost back up!