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How Have I Changed? What is my Heritage?

Next week, our big idea question's from our 'Long Ago' topic are: 

  • How have I changed? 
  • What is my heritage? 

We will be talking to the children about how they have changed from when they were a baby/younger and things they can do now that they couldn't before. Here are the texts that we are sharing to help get this conversation started:  

As Peepo is quite an old book, we will be looking closely at the pictures and talking about what we notice and what is similar/different compared to the homes we live in today:  

We will also be discussing our heritage-all families are unique and have different values, beliefs and traditions. This is our heritage. We will be talking about what we enjoy doing with our families and what we celebrate. 

We will be talking about the toys we used to play with as a baby compared to the toys we play with now. We will be learning how teddy bears have been a popular toy for hundreds of years and singing this song:

This week, The F2's will be going into different groups for their phonics sessions (still in the EYFS unit).  Please see reading diaries at the end of the week for what sounds they have been focusing on and how to support their reading at home. 

Can you play this game to work out the missing letter sounds? 


  • Please could you send in a baby photo or a couple of photos of your children at different ages on tapestry before Monday - this will really help bring our topic to life! We will be using these for lots of activities over the week. 
  • Big thank you to everyone who sent in half-term photos-the children loved sharing these with their friends. 
  • Please remember to sign your children's reading diaries when they have read at home - this could be sharing a bedtime story, playing a game with their speed sound cards or even making up a story together. The school expectation is to read at least three times a week - and help to get children along their way for collecting their bronze reading award (Huge well done to those children who have already achieved their bronze award!)
  • (F2) Please have PE kits back in school for our PE session next Wednesday.
  • Next week, we will be making instruments at our make and do table- and would love any donations of: yoghurt pots, small containers, empty tin cans, small plastic bottles etc (thanks so much)