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Dear Dinosaur...

Over the next couple of weeks we are blasting back to the past (over 200 million years ago) to find out all about dinosaurs! Our big idea question's over the next two weeks are:

- What does extinct mean?
-What does a palaeontologist do? 
-What is a museum? 
-Who is Mary Anning?

We will be sharing these wonderful books....

Dear Dinosaur 🦖

Winnie's Dinosaur Day 🦕 

We will be finding out who Mary Anning is, the woman who helped to discover that dinosaurs did once exist! She was a Palaeontologist and collected lots of fossils.

We will be singing along and doing the actions for this song!

Check out the Cbeebies website for lots of dinosaur inspired fun!


In F2, we will be continuing our small group phonics sessions-the children have been AMAZING during these! The sounds they have been focusing on will be in their reading diaries, along with some reading activities to try at home. 

As always, keep signing those diaries and working towards your bronze & silver reading awards! 

You could: 

  • Practise your speedy sounds (just like we do in school) 
  • Make up a story together
  • Share a book together
  • See if you can read any road names/aisles in the supermarkets/writing on packaging etc

F1's you could have a go at this- pressing the sound buttons and trying to work out what the different noises are.

Here is the vocabulary F1 will be learning over the next coupe of weeks-see if the children can talk about dinosaurs at home using some of these words:

Here is the vocabulary F2 will be learning during our two weeks of all things dinosaurs! 

  • Huge thank you to everyone that sent in baby/toddler photos-the children have loved sharing these with their friends this week!
  • If anyone has any stories or books with dinosaurs in at home-we would love to borrow these to share with the children over the next couple of weeks (please make sure your children's name is in them, so we can keep them safe).
  • (F2) Keep up with your doodle maths (we currently have 50% of children on track, which puts us in 4th place across the school).
  • Feel free to have a go at some of these dinosaur inspired activities at home over the next couple of weeks - or think of your own (we love seeing what you get up to on Tapestry!)