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Traditional Tales & CASTLES!

This week our big idea questions are:

  • What is a story?  
  • What stories were told 100’s of years ago?   
  • How are castles different from where we live?  

We will be sharing these traditional tales (all of which feature Castles!)

All of these stories that have been told in lots of different ways and passed down generations for hundreds of years. 

We will be re-telling these stories in lots of different ways, drawing pictures to create story maps and of course building our very own marvellous castles! 

The Traditional Tales we will be sharing with the children are...
Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel. Have a listen below: 



Here are the words we will be sharing with the children this week, lots of story language to re-tell/create their own stories alongside some key features of castles.

We will be singing 'There was a Princess Long Ago'... Sing along at home:


F2- Mrs King came to see our phonics last week and was blown away by how brilliantly the children are doing with their sounds! A huge thank you for all of your support at home. 

We are continuing to embed the sounds we have covered so far, we are using these sounds to write simple words-hearing the sounds using our 'Fred Fingers'. For more information check out our phonics page: here.

Some children have been introduced to special friends (two letters that make one sound e.g. sh, th, ch, ng, nk). They will have ditties sent home to share and read at home. The children can also decorate and illustrate these with pictures that match the story. 

F1- Mrs Boon is also so proud of how well the children have been distinguishing different environmental and instrumental sounds! She's added an instrument challenge to tapestry, so check it out and send in videos of your children getting their jam on! Over the next few weeks, we have special visitors coming into foundation to share their musical talent with us. 

F2- Last week, the children were focusing on consolidating numbers - finding one more and one less of a given number. Can the children have a go at this game? Selecting 'one more' or 'one less' of numbers up to 10 and matching to the correct robot. 

We have also had lots of fun ordering toy dinosaurs according to their size, and using language to describe them such as 'shortest' and 'tallest' - can you order 5 toys at home from shortest to tallest? 

F1- The Nursery children have been looking at counting principles with numbers up to 5...

Can you have a go at this game with numbers up to 5- carefully counting the ladybirds spots?


  • We will be making coats of arm shields in Foundation this week-any donations of cardboard would be great (thin enough that we can cut). Check out this video for our vision.
  • F2 - Remember we are on our school trip to the pantomime on Friday 2nd December - please make sure your child arrives on time for 9:00am, so we can register them and make our way to the coach. We will be back at school to eat lunch. The pantomime is Sleeping Beauty - we will be sharing this story in school to familiarise the children with the story and characters. 
  • If anybody can help out on our trip to the Church on Friday 16th December, please let us know. We will be setting off from school at 2:15pm. Thank you for your support. 
  • All children - please make sure you are reading or sharing stories with your children at home - the school expectation is 3 times a week and remember to sign their reading diary, which we check in school regularly. For F2, this can be practising speedy sounds and building words with them.