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Our New Big Idea: Books, Books, Brilliant Books!

Over the next half-term our topic is: Books, Books, Brilliant Books!

We will be sharing wonderful stories with the children, repeating them over and over, so the children can familiarise themselves with the story, gaining the confidence to talk about them and re-call the key parts.  We will also be talking about the different settings and characters that we discover in stories, and having lots of props in the classroom, so the children can recreate them and invent their own narratives.

Check out our big ideas' poster to share with your children at home (a clearer version is attached as a PDF below)

How you can support our topic at home:

  • Visit the local library together and pick some picture books to share.
  • Make up stories together - children love inventing stories and their imagination always blows us away!
  • Ask questions when you are reading together (e.g. how do you think the characters feel? What do you think is going to happen next? What was your favourite part? )
  • Talk about the pictures in books
  • Read their favourite books over and over again!
  • Make simple puppets (stick puppets, sock puppets etc) and use them to create a silly story or conversations together.
  • Check out the PDF's below and this booktrust book finder to find the perfect story!
  • Pick and listen to a Cbeebies storytime together.