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Baking Christmas Cookies!

We had great fun baking and decorating Christmas cookies for our mini-project in DT!

We washed our hands, prepared our cooking zone and followed the instructions very carefully to make sure we made the cookies correctly. 

First, we listed all the ingredients we would need and made sure they were measured out accurately.

Next, we poured, mixed and stirred the ingredients together to make cookie dough.

After that, we sprinkled flour on the table and rolled the dough to make it nice and flat. 

Then, we cut the dough using a selection of Christmassy shapes. 

Finally, once the cookies had been baked, we decorated them using icing and sprinkles. 

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at instructions in more detail and we will have a go at writing our own instructions. 

Click here for some lovely photos of our baking project.