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Y1 - Keller Class

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  • Our capital city is...LONDON!

    Published 31/01/23, by Katie Sturman

    Didn't we tell you?! We went on a trip to London last week to take a look at the human features and famous landmarks. (Don't worry, we didn't really go! We used our imagination to turn KPNS into St Pancras train station and got the underground from Keller Class to the hall).

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  • Our learning so far!

    Published 17/01/23, by Katie Sturman

    Keller Class have settled back into their routines really nicely. We are having a great start to the half-term and learning lots already about our new topics. 

    So far this half-term we have learnt the four countries and capital cities that are found in the United Kingdom. Starting this week, we began to learn all about London! Next week, we will be taking a trip to London (our school hall) to explore the famous human features found in our amazing capital city.

    If you have ever been to London and would like to share something from your visit, you're more than welcome share this with the rest of Keller class!

    We have already finished our first project in our art unit! I am so impressed with these masterpieces, and they are up on display in our classroom already! Take a look below for a sneak peek at some of these amazing creations. 

    As always, please keep on top of reading three times a week. We have started getting children complete their silver reading award already so keep it up! 
    Please also make sure you are staying within the green zone on your doodle maths - this is just as important as reading! Give me a shout if you are struggling to access doodles and I shall help where I can. 

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Miss Sturman



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  • New Year, New Topic!

    Published 03/01/23, by Katie Sturman

    Hello Keller Class!

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  • Goodbye Autumn Term

    Published 19/12/22, by Katie Sturman

    We have had a fun few weeks full of lots of activities including the pant, our Snow Queen performance, Christmas dinner, Christmas jumper day and lots more! The whole class have enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths and can create beautiful patterns using a variety of these shapes! We have also done some sewing and created our own Sleeping Beauty themed hand puppets! We then got to hold onto these whilst we watched The Sleeping Beauty film to create our own puppet shows. 

    Take a look at the images below for a taste of what we've been up to this term. 

    Over the holidays

    I will be sending your child home with a home learning pack to complete over the holidays. Please do not panic if you have not got time to do this, it will just help keep their learning ticking over!

    Along with the home learning pack, your child may have been given a selection of phonics QR codes. These QR codes have been selected for your child based on the sound gaps that were spotted during their most recent phonics assessments. All you need to do is scan the QR code then they can access the lesson for this sound (lessons are between 10-15 minutes long).  Please also keep on top of your reading and doodle maths over the holidays!

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  • What's going on in Year 1?

    Published 05/12/22, by Katie Sturman

    We had a GREAT trip to Loughborough to watch The Sleeping Beauty pantomime (OH YES WE DID!). All children in Year 1 were so well-behaved and represented our school, and class, extremely well. It was a delight watching their little faces light up throughout the performance. Click here for some wonderful photos of us at the panto!

    When we returned to school we made Christmas angel decorations to hang on our school tree. You will have a chance to see these decorations at the Christmas fair on Friday (3.30-5pm). 

    As the end of term draws closer, we are starting to wrap up our Autumn 2 learning in Keller class. 

    Over the next couple of weeks we will be making our Sleeping Beauty hand puppets in DT, baking Christmas cookies, and building an absorbent and strong shelter for the fourth little pig. 
    If anyone is able to offer a helping hand for our sewing lesson on Thursday 8th December from 1.30pm please give me a shout! 

    Everyone tried really hard on their end of term maths assessments - well done Year 1! The assessments have shown some areas that still need a bit of work, so please make sure that your child is keeping in the green zone doodle maths as I am adding some extra challenges to help them develop confidence in these areas. 

    If it is not raining, it is possible that some PE lessons will be outside over the coming winter months. Please ensure that your child has appropriate winter clothing in their PE kits, so they can participate comfortably in these sessions. 

    We have some fun and exciting activities coming up over the next few weeks, so be sure to take a look at our 'What's coming up?' blog so you don't miss the dates. 

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  • Exploring the streets

    Published 21/11/22, by Katie Sturman

    We had a great week last week in Keller class! Anti-bullying activities, Diwali celebration, our local area walk AND Children in Need day.

    We took a field trip around Keyworth village on Wednesday and explored what physical and human features can be found in our local area. We saw lots of human features such as shops, churches, houses, buses and more than 18 cars (we counted)! In our next geography lesson we will be identifying the human and physical features we can find around our school grounds. As a challenge at home, ask your child to count all of the physical and human features they spot on their way to school! I have attached some more home-learning ideas at the bottom of the blog for you to try out at home. 





    In RE last week we had a Diwali celebration in the classroom (in our spotty non-school uniform!). We made our own rangoli patterns out of coloured rice, created lanterns and danced to the sounds of Diwali celebrations. It was wonderful getting a taste of how other religions celebrate their important festivals. Between now and December 21st, we will be talking about Christianity and how/why Christmas is celebrated! We have started making our class advent calendar ready to kick off the countdown celebrations next week. 





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  • What have we been doing in Keller class?

    Published 15/11/22, by Katie Sturman

    Year One have got back into the full swing of learning, and we have had a great start to our new topics Street Dectectives: Our Local Area and What is it made of?

    Last week, we started practising our sewing skills. The children found this activity lots of fun - if you have the opportunity to practise this at home that would be fantastic (we have been using plastic needles and big pieces of string). A big shout-out to our helpers who gave up some of their time to help with this activity!


    In Jigsaw, we started looking at celebrating differences, and discussed how amazing it is that we are all different and unique. This linked in nicely with our anit-bullying week activities we completed on Monday. We made a beautiful class display around the theme Reach Out.  
    Click here to watch this year's short film about how and when to reach out if you spot a bullying incident. 

       "We are special and we are loved!"



    All children have settled back in to their phonics and maths routines! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at number bonds to 10, adding more and using number lines to help solve addition problems. This week, we will be starting to look at subtraction. Please keep in the green zone on doodle maths to help consolidate the learning taken place in school. 



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  • Welcome Back!

    Published 01/11/22, by Katie Sturman

    Welcome back Year 1! I trust that you have all had a lovely break and are ready for our next half-term. 

    Our next topic is called Street Detectives, and we will be finding out about our local area. Please find attached the topic letter for more information of the curriculum coverage in this half-term. 

    Dates for your diaries:

    We have got lots of exciting activities planned between now and Christmas, and I am looking for some volunteers to help out with some of these dates. 

    • Thursday 10th November (afternoon) - supporting pupils with initial sewing skills
    • Wednesday 17th November (afternoon) - Our local area walk around the village
    • DATE TBC (this will be one afternoon towards the end of November/start of December) - DT afternoon making hand puppets
    • Week beginning 19th December - Baking Christmas cookies

    If you are available to support on any of these dates, please get in contact with Mrs Buttery or myself and I will provide more details about timings etc. 

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  • Information from the phonics parent's meeting

    Published 12/10/22, by Katie Sturman

    Earlier in the term we held a phonics parent's evening outlining everything we have in place to support early reading in school and some ways you can support at home. I have attached the presentation slides containing information which was shared at this meeting. 

    We follow the ReadWrite Inc phonics scheme so if your child joined us in F2, they should be familiar with this.

    In June 2023, all children will take a statutory phonics screener where they will need to apply their phonics skills to decode real word and nonsense words. This is something that all Year 1 children across the country will be taking part in. Further information about this will be shared closer to the time. 

    If you have any questions regarding anything to do with phonics and early reading, please catch me at pickup or drop off.

    Thank you!

    Miss Sturman

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  • Our visitor from the past

    Published 06/10/22, by Katie Sturman

    What an amazing visit from Tommy TopHat!

    We had a fantastic day exploring the toys from the past, finding out how they worked, what they were made of and how old they were. 

    We started off the day by exploring playground toys such as a hoop rolling, quoits, ribbon sticks, marbles... we had great fun running around testing our skills with these games. 

    We then returned to the classroom and explored some of the toys children may have at home. We really enjoyed playing with the table top bagatelle and metal spinning tops!

    After lunch, we finished off our visit with some fun parlour games (games families used to play after dinner parties!). We loved playing 'poor kitty', 'the minister's cat' and 'what are you thinking?'.

    Most of the toys we played with were either made out of wood, metal or string and they were push and pull toys. Some of the toys we explored looked very similar to the toys we may have at home but were made of different materials. 

    Please check out the gallery to see some happy faces from today's visit - we did play with so many more toys (ones that are so old, you cannot buy them in the shops!) but we were too caught up in the fun to take pictures!

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  • What we have been doing in Year One

    Published 30/09/22, by Katie Sturman

    We have had a busy and exciting first term in Year 1!

    I'd like to start off by saying a big well done to those who have been keeping up with your reading at home. It is also great to see lots of you in the green zone on doodle maths! It is having a positive impact on your learning in school. Keep up practising our letter and number formation - it is getting better!

    So far this year, we have been on a woodland walk identifying the deciduous and evergreen trees around school, have placed toys from the past and present in chronological order and have been introduced to algorithms in our computing lessons. 

    One of the highlights for me so far this term (and I think a lot of the children's!), was watching everyone share their favourite toys with their classmates. They shared the information about what their toy was made from, it's function and whether it had any exciting features like movement, sound or flashing lights! When they weren't sharing, the children sat and listened to their friends wonderfully. I felt very proud!




    In art this half-term we have been looking at the works by photographer Irving Penn and painter Paul Cezanne. We have replicated their work by taking our own still life photographs (see above) and completed observational drawings of fruit. This week, we had a lovely arty afternoon where we explored mixing colours and used our new skills to paint a fruit bowl. 
    Lots of teachers around school (including Mrs King) have commented on how fantastic their art work is. I am so excited to share the finished product with you before half-term!

    Dates for the diary:

    • Friday 7th October - KS1 Movie night 
    • Monday 10th October and Wednesday 12th October - parent's evening
    • Thursday 6th October - Historical artefact visitor**
      **We will communicate with you on Monday whether we have had enough parental support to allow this to go ahead. Please be assured that we only ever aim to offer experiences which would really enhance your child's understanding and enjoyment of a topic. This would not be something we would be able to offer in school which is why we have invited a special expert visitor to come and work with us. If you have any questions about this day, please catch me on Monday morning. Thank you. 


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  • Phonics parent meeting

    Published 20/09/22, by Katie Sturman

    We are hosting a phonics parents meeting on Thursday 22nd September at 3.30pm

    Find out more information about the meeting on our reading blog here

    The meeting will take place in the main school hall, so please enter the building via the school office. 

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