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  • WWII day

    Published 22/09/23, by Kristen Hopwood

    Find out what we got up to on our WWII day!

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    Published 18/09/23, by Peter Cresswell

    Year 6 and Year 5 Children, Parents and Carers.

    On Thursday 21st September 2023, from 5.30 until 8.00pm

    There will be two presentations taking place at 5,45 and 6,45. Unless you have already reserved a place then the 5.45 is full, but there are places on the later time, you DO NOT need to book on this session,

    The school site will be open to all from 5.30pm to look around and see the facilities on offer.

    If you are unable to attend but require further information please log on to the South Wolds website and look for their prospectus where you will find all the information you need.

    If you need to contact the school office please :

    Telephone: 0115 937 3506   


    Address: South Wolds Academy

                          Church Drive


                           NG12 5FF

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  • DAaRT information

    Published 07/09/23, by Kristen Hopwood

    DAaRT info video and FAQs.

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  • Welcome to Y6!

    Published 06/09/23, by Kristen Hopwood

    Information about the first half term.

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  • DAaRT information

    Published 01/09/23, by Kristen Hopwood

    Information about the DAaRT programme.

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  • Farewell Hawking Class!

    Published 26/07/23, by Mel Harris

    Well, we made to the Summer Holidays and I just wanted to say thank you to the best class I've ever taught (probably!)

    We've had some great times together and you all worked really hard for me.

    Thank you for your lovely gifts and cards - they were amazing!

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  • Partake History's Egyptian Day.

    Published 19/07/23, by Mel Harris

    We've had another wonderful day with Mr Adby from Partake History - this time enriching our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. 

    We began our day recapping some of the facts and information that we have learnt over the course of our topic, with Mr Adby adding more detail. After that we looked at some replica artefacts including statuettes, miniature canopic jars and amulets.



    After break, we explored some of the spices used by the Ancient Egyptians. These included spices that we recognise today such as coriander seeds, cinnamon and cumin seeds and also older spices - frankincense and myrrh. Then Mr Adby used Olivia as a model to demonstrate what the Egyptians used for make-up. We found out something new: the make-up wasn't used for appearance but to protect their faces from the sun!



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  • Transition day in Y6

    Published 29/06/23, by Kristen Hopwood

    Find out all about our day in Year 6!

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  • Awful Egyptians

    Published 19/06/23, by Mel Harris

    Welcome back to the final term of the academic year.

    This half term our topic is Awful Egyptians. As part of this topic, we will be looking at the following questions:

    • Who were the Ancient Egyptians and when did they live?
    • What discovery did Howard Carter make and how did that teach us about the Ancient Egyptians?
    • How did different groups contribute to the achievements of Ancient Egyptian society?
    • Who were some of the most famous pharaohs in Ancient Egypt? What did we learn from them?
    • How did the Ancient Egyptians prepare bodies for the afterlife?
    • What did the Ancient Egyptians believe about life after death?
    • How did the Ancient Egyptians contribute to our lives today?

    As part of this, I have booked Partake History to do an Egyptian Day for us. They will be visiting us on Friday 14th July.  During this day the children will:

    • Re-create the scents and aromas of Ancient Egypt
    • Investigate and handle artefacts used in mummification
    • Discover the clothing and makeup of an Egyptian princess
    • Dress up and take part in a stunning and atmospheric ‘burial ceremony’ where the story unfolds through the use of costume, narration, mime, music, dance and drama

    In order to contribute towards the cost of the visit, the cost to you will be £12. Please pay the £12 on Eduspot (link below) by Wednesday 12th July.

    If your child would like to come to school dressed as an Ancient Egyptian they are more than welcome to but there is no pressure.

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  • Happy May Bank Holiday!

    Published 26/05/23, by Mel Harris


    We've made it to half term, and the sun has come out in time for us all to enjoy a well-earned rest.

    Hawking Class have had a busy term and have learned lots about farming - both here in the UK and around Keyworth and wider afield in South America and the United States.

    Next term, our topic focus turns to Ancient Egypt and the "Awful Egyptians" for History. In Science, we will be looking at "Animals Including Humans" - a Biology topic which focusses on the human life cycle (please see my last blog about JIGSAW for more information on the content that we will be covering).  More information about other curriculum areas will be in my next blog at the start of Summer 2.

    Swimming has now finished so the children will need PE kits as usual on Mondays, but now also on Thursdays. Can I please remind you that a PE kit is a complete change of clothing. We are now in the Summer Term, and for health and hygiene reasons, the children will not be allowed to participate in PE lessons unless they have a kit (T-shirt and shorts - no strappy tops please) to change into.

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  • Jigsaw coverage after half-term summer 2

    Published 22/05/23, by Mel Harris

    Important information for jigsaw after half term.

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  • Happy Friday!

    Published 12/05/23, by Mel Harris

    Well done for getting to Friday.

    Hawking Class have had a busy week this week. We've spent time pouring over Ordnance Survey Maps of the area around Keyworth, searching for farms as part of our Farming Topic. We found lots! Then we looked at the topography to try and work out what type of farms they were. Ask your child about pastoral farming, arable farming and mixed farming: they know lots!

    In Science, we've looked at the terms soluble and insoluble and experimented with solids and water to find out which were solids soluble and which weren't. Ask your children which solids dissolved and which didn't.

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