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  • Farm, Sow and Grow!

    Published 20/04/23, by Mel Harris

    Welcome Back!

    I hope you all had a restful Easter with plenty of chocolate to eat.

    This term's topic is Farm, Sow and Grow and a Curriculum Map is attached to this Blog so that you can see what we are covering in more detail.

    As part of this topic, we will be working in the school garden area, digging over the planting beds and planting a variety of vegetables which we are hoping to use for our DT project (to design and make our own soup).

    Every week, we will also be looking at where our food comes from. To support with this could you please bring in one piece of food packaging every Monday. We will be marking this on our world map.

    What is our class text for this half-term?

    This half term we will be reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Feel free to purchase a copy if you are able to.

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  • Happy Easter!

    Published 31/03/23, by Mel Harris

    Well, we've made it!

    Hawking class have worked incredibly hard this half term and have accomplished a lot.

    In History, we continued to explore the Tudors, focussing on Henry VIII, his six wives and his "Great Matter". The children have considered whether or not Henry was a 'bad king' and looked in depth at both him and Anne Boleyn through our Vipers work. They also finally finished their DT project which was begun last half term: Hawking Street!

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  • Summer Term Swimming

    Published 30/03/23, by Mel Harris


    Starting immediately after the Easter Holidays, Hawking Class will have a swimming lesson every Thursday afternoon. They will be walking to the swimming pool with Mrs Lees and Miss Groves.

    To enable this to happen, we need a volunteer to go with us each week. Please contact the school office or catch me if you are able to help with this.

    Guidance for swimming:

    • Your child will need a swimming costume with them otherwise they cannot participate in the swimming session. For girls this must be a swimsuit (no bikinis or tankinis) and for boys, trunks (not swimming shorts).
    • They will also need a towel.
    • No earrings at all. If the children come with them in, staff can't take them out and they will not be able to swim. 
    • Long hair must be tied up - a bun is preferable as long ponytails impede the arm movement in the water.
    • Children will need to be able to get changed within 5 minutes so they can have time in the pool.  If they are not great at this, please practise with them over the holidays.
    • Whilst the children are having swimming lessons in school, it would be great if you can find time during the weekend or evenings to take them as a family so that they are building their confidence. 

    Please note:

    Please do not send your child to school wearing their swimming costume: this makes going to the toilet during the day complicated and often results in them having no underwear to put on when they come out of the water!!

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  • Science Week

    Published 22/03/23, by Mel Harris

    What a week!

    Hawking Class have been busy scientists this week, making parachutes and bridges and testing them.

    As part of our Forces topic, the children had to make three different parachutes to test air resistance. To create a fair test, the children opted to keep the size of the parachute, the length of the strings and the weight of the mini-figure the same. The variable they chose to change was the material from which the parachute was made: plastic, paper or fabric.

    Ask your child which parachute was the most effective and why!

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  • World Book Day

    Published 03/03/23, by Mel Harris

    Year Five Classroom: Thoughts Like an Ocean

    The sea comes to me on the shore

    On lacy slippered feet

    And shyly, slyly slides away

    With a murmur of defeat.


    And as I stand there wondering

    Strange thoughts spin round my head

    Of why and where and what and when

    And if not, why, what then?


    Where do lobsters come from?

    And where anemones?

    And are there other worlds out there

    With other mysteries?


    Why do I walk upon dry land

    While fishes haunt the sea?

    And as I think about their lives

    Do they too think of me?


    Why is water, water?

    Why does it wet my hand?

    Are there really as many stars

    As there are grains of sand?


    And where would the ocean go to

    If there was no gravity?

    And where was I before I lived?

    And where’s eternity?


    Perhaps the beach I’m standing on

    Perhaps this stretch of sand

    Perhaps the Universe itself

    Lies on someone else’s hand?


    And isn’t it strange how this water and I

    At this moment happened to meet

    And how this tide sweeps half the world

    Before stopping at my feet.


    Gareth Owen

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  • Internet Safety and Children's Mental Health Week

    Published 10/02/23, by Mel Harris

    We've made it to half term!

    This week has been a very busy one for Hawking Class. Following our Tudor Day, we have focused on E-Safety and, this morning, on Mental Health and wellbeing.

    For Internet Safety Day, we had lots of discussion around cyberbullying and how to chat safely online. We revisited the acronym SMART (Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable, Tell). As their end task, the children worked to create their own SMART Poster. Please take time to discuss SMART with your child.

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  • Hawking Class are Terrible Tudors!

    Published 07/02/23, by Mel Harris

    What an amazing day with Mr Adby from Partake History!

    Hawking class had a wonderful time, immersing themselves in a wealth of Tudor experiences...

    The day began with the children becoming archaeologists, examining a range of replica artefacts that have been carefully crafted from the originals. These included water carriers, candlesticks, pomanders, wooden and pewter plates and Tudor potties... for grown-ups!

    After break, we became Tudor dancers - a very important part of Tudor life (it was considered a sport for the men!) We learnt two dances, practised them and then performed them to music.

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  • Friday 27th January

    Published 27/01/23, by Mel Harris

    Good Afternoon and welcome to a well-earned weekend.

    Hawking class have worked exceptionally hard this week, mastering long multiplication in Maths and completing their space themed adventure story in Literacy. VIPERS has introduced them to a newspaper report about the 1969 Moon Landing.

    In Science, we have learned about the life cycle of stars and can now name different types of star, whilst in History we have continued to explore how different life was for rich and poor people in Tudor England.

    Next week we will be writing Space themed poetry and working on division in Maths. We are also looking forward to our visit from Partake History to experience our Tudor Day. If you haven't yet paid £10 for your child to do this, could you please click on the link below.

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  • Tudor Experience Day

    Published 12/01/23, by Mel Harris

    Happy Thursday Everyone!

    This term we are learning all about the Tudors and to help with our learning we have booked an experience day with a company called Partake History. They will spend the whole day in school with us, delivering a Tudor Day for Hawking class.

    The Tudor Day will take place on Friday 3rd of February and the children will participate in a range of experiences including:

    • Handling artefacts of the time to stimulate group investigation and discussion work
    • Investigating and experiencing Tudor spices and finding out about their importance to Tudor life
    • Using a quill pen to become a master calligrapher.
    • Witnessing the gradual transformation of a girl and a boy into wealthy Tudor children as they are dressed, layer by layer.
    • Performing the dances and etiquette of Tudor court and country.
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  • Happy New Year!

    Published 07/01/23, by Mel Harris

    Welcome to 2023.

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a well-earned rest.

    Our topic this term focuses on the Terrible Tudors, alongside a science focus on the Earth in Space and Forces. This half-term’s curriculum information and knowledge organisers can be found as  attachments at the bottom of this blog.

    What is our class text for this term?

    Once we have finished Holes, we will be turning our attention to a book I shared with the children the very first time I met them: Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen. Whilst, it doesn’t link directly to our history topic, it is nevertheless a beautifully written book that captures the reader from the very first chapter.


    A reminder of the school expectations for your child:

    * Read at least 3 times a week at home (or alternatively, come to Reading Lair!)

    * Check and sign your child’s home-school diary every week.

    * Remain in the green zone on Doodlemaths and Doodlespell (this totals approximately 40 minutes every week).

    * Work on achieving the Silver Reading challenges (these can be found at the back of your child’s home-school diary).

    * Check the class blog regularly to see what we’re doing in school.

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  • Wednesday 21st December

    Published 21/12/22, by Mel Harris

    Happy Christmas!

    Well, we finally made it.

    Today we celebrated the end of term with our massive maths session which we shared with Year 6. For more information, check out the Maths Blog over Christmas as Miss Hopwood will be posting pictures there.

    Your children have worked really hard this term and thoroughly deserve their Christmas break. Consequently, I have only set spellings and Times Tables on Doodle Learning to keep their knowledge "ticking over". So if you're feeling the over-exuberance of your lovely children, or if they are bored ... please point them to their Doodles!

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  • Almost There!

    Published 16/12/22, by Mel Harris

    Happy Friday!

    We're almost there. The children have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks.

    In Maths, we have continued to explore fractions and can now find equivalent fractions. This is helping them calculate with fractions and mixed numbers. We will complete this unit within the first few days of our return in January. At this point we will move back to multiplication and division, so I will be setting times tables on Doodle Learning for them to practise over the holidays.

    In English, we have finally completed out portal stories. The children have done their warm write today and I have been impressed with their ability to apply their knowledge of Biomes to their final pieces.

    Next term, we will be moving onto a new topic entitled Terrible Tudors. We will explore what life was like for different people in Tudor Britain and whether or not Henry VIII was a good king. We will also be looking at Space in Science. If you would like to support your child, researching both of these topics will help them in the New Year.

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