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    Published 09/11/23, by Kerry Inglis


    This week we are exploring the big idea questions:

    • How do people celebrate Diwali? 
    • How do people get ready for celebrations? 

    We will be sharing these wonderful stories: 



    We will be learning all about Diwali, the Festival of light that is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs all over the world. We will be sharing the stories above and finding out about the story of Rama and Sita. We will be making diva lamps, rangoli patterns and paper lanterns. We will be trying some special food and dancing to Diwali celebration music! 


    We will be singing along to this song:


    • As the weather gets colder, please can we ask that all children come to school with a suitable coat with a hood, so we can get outside and be warm no matter what the weather!
    • Children in need this Friday (17th November) see information here. Children are invited to wear something spotty! 
    • Please see this link for information about our Christmas Show and what the EYFS children will be wearing - whole school 'Top of the Pops!'
    • Huge thank you to everybody that has already sent in their celebration photos - they are great for bringing our topic to life and making it 'real' for the children. There's still time to send these in on tapestry if you haven't done so already. 
    • We are all out of socks! If anybody has any donations of socks for the unit for when we have to change children, it would be much appreciated. 

    Thank you for your continued support 😊


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    Published 05/11/23, by Kerry Inglis

    A new half-term and a new big idea to explore...

    We will be looking at different celebrations and what the children celebrate with their families at home. We will be using celebrations to transport us into the lives of people and communities around the world, discussing and sharing experiences of different celebrations including: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Diwali, Hanukkah, Weddings, Christmas - and more! We will be revisiting the things that make us unique and will do this through the ways in which people celebrate special events in different ways.

    In the lead up to Christmas, we will look at the traditions of Christmas and the Christmas nativity. We will learn about the celebration and even work in our elves’ workshop, helping to wrap presents and make Christmas decorations to put up around the classroom!

    To help bring our topic to life and make it more relevant to the children, please share photos of themselves/family at a celebration which is special to them. These can be uploaded to tapestry or physical photos. We will print these off/photocopy them to share and discuss with the children alongside making a display in the classroom. Please make sure these are sent to us by Friday 10th November.  Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated! 😊 

    Supporting your child at home

    • Share our 'Big Ideas' resource - discussing the key questions and vocabulary (see attached PDF for clearer version, we will send home a physical copy next week too).
    • Talk about what you celebrate as a family together and how you prepare for these celebrations/traditions you might have.
    • Visit the local library and see if there are any storybooks or non-fiction information books about celebrations.
    • Check out our regular blog posts to find out what we are learning in school/what stories we are sharing/ideas you could try at home.
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    Published 19/10/23, by Kerry Inglis

    Last week, the children absolutely loved making and baking their own bread rolls (just like the Little Red Hen!)

    Due to their excitement... We thought we would embrace the baking spirit and set a half-term challenge to bake something together. This could be a box mix, scones, cookies, cupcakes, bread... It can be absolutely anything...  As long as it's delicious!

    This will also help bring our topic to life when we are back at school... Our new big idea will be 'Let's Celebrate' where we will be talking about different celebrations- food and baking are often an integral part of any celebration! Our 'Talk for Writing' story for the term will be 'The Gingerbread Man', which also links perfectly to baking! 

    Please send photos of your baked goodies to us on Tapestry - the children can then share these in our show and tell sessions when we are back in school on Monday 6th November. 

    Also, if you have any photos of celebrations you've had as a family, it would be great to share these next half-term too (Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Christenings, Lunar New Year, Weddings, Bonfire Night etc). 

    Big thanks for your continued support, and we hope you all have a wonderful half-term... Hopefully it will stop raining!!
    And finally... HAPPY BAKING! 🍰

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    Published 05/10/23, by Kerry Inglis

    We are coming to the end of our 'We are all Superheroes' topic, with just a couple of weeks left!
    The children have really enjoyed it and it was lovely to hear what superpowers they would like to have  ... From invisibility and super strength to pink power! They really do have the best imaginations. 

    This week we are sharing the 'Supertato' stories and exploring our big idea question:

    • How do we stay healthy? 

    As well as talking about this question in detail... We will be making our own Supertato characters, thinking of ways that we could trap the evil pea and making some delicious bread rolls... Just like the Little Red Hen in our talk for write story! 

    Have a listen to one of the Supertato stories that we will be sharing: 

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    Published 29/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    This week, the big idea question's we are exploring are:

    What is your superpower? & What would your superhero power be?

    Who is your superhero?

    We will be sharing these wonderful stories with the children:




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    Published 21/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    This week we will be continuing our 'We are all Superheroes' topic by finding out about real-life superheroes and the people that help us. Here are the 'big idea' questions that we will be sharing:

    • Who helps us?
    • What job would you like to do when you are older?

    We will be sharing these stories (along with the Little Red Hen which is our talk for writing story in literacy this half-term). 



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    Published 14/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    This week, the big idea question's we are exploring are:

    Why am I brilliant? 

    What do I like doing? 

    How am I unique?  

    How can I be a KPNS superhero?  

    We will be sharing these brilliant stories to help discuss our big idea question's:


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    Published 07/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    We are SO PROUD of how well the children have settled into school life, to say we haven't even had a full week in school yet, they have been incredible! 

    This week, the big idea question's we will be talking about are: 

    • Who is in my family? (If you could send a family photo on tapestry we can print them or bring in a physical photo - we will be creating a class display) 
    • What do I enjoy doing with my family?
    • How do I feel?

    To help us explore these questions - we will be sharing these wonderful stories:


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  • Our First Big Idea... WE ARE ALL SUPERHEROES!

    Published 03/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    Over the first half-term, our most important factor is settling the children... Getting to know them and making sure they are happy and confident to come to school. We will be getting used to routines, making friends, learning our teachers names, learning about the 'Keyworth Code', sharing lots of stories, finding out what toys and resources we have in the unit and most importantly having lots of fun! 

    Here is an overview of the big idea question's that we will be exploring with the children over the first half-term. We will focus on a couple of question's each week and link them to the stories and vocabulary that we share. 

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    Published 02/09/23, by Kerry Inglis

    A new school year and a new class name... This year in EYFS the F1 and F2 children are 'Little Creators'. 
    We will be using our imagination to create in lots of different ways... Building, making, drawing and most importantly playing!
    Throughout the year we will be inspired by other wonderful creators such as artists, architects, story-tellers, musicians, inventors and many more exciting people!
    We know that children hold the most incredible imaginations and know they are going to live up to their 'Little Creators' class name, blowing us away with their creations.

    We are so excited to welcome you into school, we hope you have all had a wonderful summer, and we can't wait to hear all about it! If you get chance, remember to upload some photos on to tapestry, so the children can share these with their friends next week. Huge thank you if you have already done this. 

    (F2 Parents) We've added the 'Welcome to Reception'  presentation as a PDF below, just incase you missed our meeting or want a reminder of the information shared. Hopefully everyone received their goody bags! 
    If you have any burning questions, add these to tapestry, and we will try our best to get back to you before we are back. 

    We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday 5th bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 8:55am 😊 (unless you have agreed a different start date/time with Mrs Boon/EYFS Staff). 


    • Please label everything! (including water bottles please)
    • If children are staying for lunch, remember to remind them on the way to school whether they are having school dinners or packed lunch (before we are familiar with everyone's new lunch boxes, it will really help us with the register!)
    • Let us know if you can't log in to tapestry - we will be using this to share lots of first week photos with you. 
    • Remember to register on school milk, if you haven't already done so.
    • Keep your eyes peeled for our new topic blog post on here later today!
    • (F2) Bring in your 'Super Me' sheets filled in on the first week back (don't worry if you've misplaced these over summer, but if you have them - we would love to see them). 
    • Most importantly... Enjoy the rest of the weekend! We can't wait to see you all soon! 
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