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Over the first half-term, our most important factor is settling the children... Getting to know them and making sure they are happy and confident to come to school. We will be getting used to routines, making friends, learning our teachers names, learning about the 'Keyworth Code', sharing lots of stories, finding out what toys and resources we have in the unit and most importantly having lots of fun! 

Here is an overview of the big idea question's that we will be exploring with the children over the first half-term. We will focus on a couple of question's each week and link them to the stories and vocabulary that we share. 

Supporting your child at home

  • Share our 'Big Ideas' resource - discussing the key question's and vocabulary (see attached PDF for clearer version).
  • Talk about school - What have they enjoyed doing today? 
  • Talk about who is in your family and what you like doing together. 
  • Visit the local library and see if there are any storybooks about starting school, exploring feelings or superheroes! 
  • Check out our regular blog posts to find out what we are learning in school/what stories we are sharing/ideas you could try at home.