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We are coming to the end of our 'We are all Superheroes' topic, with just a couple of weeks left!
The children have really enjoyed it and it was lovely to hear what superpowers they would like to have  ... From invisibility and super strength to pink power! They really do have the best imaginations. 

This week we are sharing the 'Supertato' stories and exploring our big idea question:

  • How do we stay healthy? 

As well as talking about this question in detail... We will be making our own Supertato characters, thinking of ways that we could trap the evil pea and making some delicious bread rolls... Just like the Little Red Hen in our talk for write story! 

Have a listen to one of the Supertato stories that we will be sharing: 



(F2) We are SO PROUD of how brilliantly the children are doing with their phonics. We are starting to be extra speedy with our sounds and trying really hard to form them correctly. We are also starting to blend sounds together to read simple words! Keep up the super work Little Creators! 

The sounds we will be learning to read and write this week are: 

We will be learning our first special friends 'sh' - these are two letters that make one sound. We will spend two days rather than one day learning 'sh'.  Here is a video of teaching the children to read the 'sh' sound. 


You could have a go at one of these Supertato inspired activities at home! As always, we love seeing what you get up to on Tapestry! 

  • Please look out for a parents' evening email from Mr Cresswell with a link to book your slot - any issues, please ask. 
  • (F2) also on tapestry- To ensure the safety of your children at the end of the day we are going to slightly alter how we dismiss. If we need to see you for any reason, we will send you a text message during the day. If you receive a message, could we just ask if you could please wait till we have dismissed all the children and then we will follow up with messages. Equally, if you would like to speak any of us, could we please ask if you could also just wait until we have dismissed. Many thanks.
  • (F2) We are  last place in the whole school table of doodle maths - let's see if we can move our way back up collecting those stars! 

Thank you for your continued support :)