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Keyworth Primary
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Mrs Betts' and Mrs Lindley's Magpies

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  • Filling a Welly for the RNLI

    Published 21/05/19, by Sara Lindley

    The children in the Magpie class have responded in a fantastic way to the challenge of raising funds for the RNLI this past week.

    Today we had a look inside our welly and decided to count up the total we had raised so far.

    An amazing maths lesson was born!

    The younger children in the class became great at recognising the different coins. We sorted them into separate piles of coins the groups then calculated the total amount of coins donated so far.  Lots of 2, 5 and 10 times tables being put to good use. The good news is ...... we have raised enough to enable the RNLI to buy a special set of thermal gloves.  The halfway total was £29.78

    We are also looking forward to our visitor who is a representative for the RNLI. Mr Denis Redhead is coming in to talk to the children tomorrow and I am sure he will be impressed with the children's knowledge og Grace Darling and her daring sea rescue.

    Click here to see all of our calculations

    Thank you all so much for taking part of this fundrasing activity. The children have really embraced it.


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  • Mindfulness Moments - A lesson outside.

    Published 15/05/19, by Sara Lindley

    The lovely sunshine this week allowed us to do a fantastic art lesson outside in our wonderful grounds. This was a chance to participate in our 'Mindfulness in May' focus.

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  • A Musical Morning

    Published 11/05/19, by Sara Lindley

    We had a very musical morning on Friday.

    As part of our Land Ahoy topic the children were played a piece of music by Rossini from his William Tell Overture - The Storm!

    If you want to hear it press here and you will be taken to youtube.

    By just listening to the music the children were transported into the middle of a storm!

    They were asked to draw lines or shapes in response to the music. Every child created a different piece of work. The music went from being quiet and calm to loud and frightening.

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  • Can you be a Super Summer Speller?

    Published 24/04/19, by Sara Lindley

    Click on the documents below to see the words more clearly!

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  • What Be Your Pirate Name?

    Published 19/03/19, by Sara Lindley

    As part of our Land Ahoy topic we worked out our pirate names!

    What would your pirate name be?

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  • Science Week Fun

    Published 15/03/19, by Sara Lindley

    As part of our science week and in keeping with our Pirate's theme we investigated how to make floating foil boats.

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  • Spelling overviews

    Published 11/03/19, by Sara Lindley

    Can't find your child's spellings this week? Have they left their folder at school?

    Do not fear as there are lots of ways to find the words they need to be learning.

    They have copies in their homework folder. We also try to stick the words in their reading diaries every week and we have also uploaded them here so that you can always click on them and  note them down.

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  • Land Ahoy!!!

    Published 05/03/19, by Sara Lindley

    We have been meeting the characters and getting to know their different qualities.

    It is amazing how a character in a story can bring a book to life.

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  • A busy afternoon investigating mixtures.

    Published 07/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Here we go again.... Science and art all mixed up together.

    Our Thursday afternoon was very busy!

    We investigated what happened when we mixed some simple ingredients together and microwaved them for 4 minutes. Amazing.......we made our very own playdough. Then we did our dough disco exercises whilst it was still warm.

    Following on from that we continued our investigations into oil and water. Having found out last week that oil and water do not mix, we were able to use that property to make some lovely art. We found out about the technique called marbling.

    The children were also in charge of taking all of the photos for our blog. Take a look here. Watch out....they took lots!

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  • What is "The Internet"?

    Published 05/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Well...... the Magpie class are going to tell you!

    As part of Safer Internet Day the children first of all had to work out what the Internet actually is????

    So we decided to put actions to a sentence that told us all about it.

    Now they know that Internet is made up of a network of millions of computers and devices, we will be doing further activities that help them stay safe whilst using it.

    Watch the video below to find out for yourselves what the Internet is.




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  • Lovely Lava Lamps

    Published 04/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Whe our student teacher Miss Gilbert heard that we were learning all about 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' she told us all about a science experiment she had done with another set of students. We thought it sounded brilliant and it fitted in with our Science learning objectives really well. (We needed to investigate mixtures that don't mix!)

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  • ICE CREAM Science!

    Published 29/01/19, by Sara Lindley

    Magpies continued their weekly science sessions by making their very own ice cream.

    We followed the instructions set out by our topic of 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'.

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