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Mrs Betts' and Mrs Lindley's Magpies

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  • A busy afternoon investigating mixtures.

    Published 07/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Here we go again.... Science and art all mixed up together.

    Our Thursday afternoon was very busy!

    We investigated what happened when we mixed some simple ingredients together and microwaved them for 4 minutes. Amazing.......we made our very own playdough. Then we did our dough disco exercises whilst it was still warm.

    Following on from that we continued our investigations into oil and water. Having found out last week that oil and water do not mix, we were able to use that property to make some lovely art. We found out about the technique called marbling.

    The children were also in charge of taking all of the photos for our blog. Take a look here. Watch out....they took lots!

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  • What is "The Internet"?

    Published 05/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Well...... the Magpie class are going to tell you!

    As part of Safer Internet Day the children first of all had to work out what the Internet actually is????

    So we decided to put actions to a sentence that told us all about it.

    Now they know that Internet is made up of a network of millions of computers and devices, we will be doing further activities that help them stay safe whilst using it.

    Watch the video below to find out for yourselves what the Internet is.




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  • Lovely Lava Lamps

    Published 04/02/19, by Sara Lindley

    Whe our student teacher Miss Gilbert heard that we were learning all about 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' she told us all about a science experiment she had done with another set of students. We thought it sounded brilliant and it fitted in with our Science learning objectives really well. (We needed to investigate mixtures that don't mix!)

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  • ICE CREAM Science!

    Published 29/01/19, by Sara Lindley

    Magpies continued their weekly science sessions by making their very own ice cream.

    We followed the instructions set out by our topic of 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'.

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  • Spelling and handwriting

    Published 18/01/19, by Sara Lindley

    We have started the regular Friday Spelling groups again.

    Nobody loves a spelling test! Or is that true!

    Some of the children love having a spelling test each week but lets face it .... that is usually the group of children that find spelling is something that comes naturally to them. Other children perhaps find it more challenging and therefore less enjoyable.

    That is why we try and make it less stressful for all of the children. We have a quick test and then they get to check their own spellings and find out how to correct them using a green pen. We then have an activity that introduces the next set of spellings alongside games reinforcing the rule that helps them remember the spellings. The spellings for the week are in the classroom and all around so that they see them everyday at school. This means that learning the spellings is not just something done at home the night before the test. School and Parents work as a partnership.

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  • Welcome back to ...Mess!

    Published 12/01/19, by Sara Lindley

    To start off our new topic  - Muck Mess and Mixtures........ the children went wild!

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  • Artistic Science

    Published 10/01/19, by Sara Lindley

    We often combine art and science lessons in our Magpie class!

    This week we are learning about the artist Carl Warner who is famous for creating "Foodscapes"

    Whilst being inspired by his strange works of art we will also be investigating how food feels and smells and how its texture can be changed. We will also be learning about a healthy plate of food and the different food groups that we need to include in our diet.

    Watch the video below to learn all about Carl Warner. How he became a "Foodscape" artist and how he plans and creates his amazing sculptures.




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  • Fire! Green Watch to the Rescue!

    Published 10/12/18, by Sara Lindley

    As part of our topic about the Bright Lights, Big City the children have been finding out about The Great Fire of London. Green Watch from West Bridgford Fire Station brought their Fire Engine in and presented a powerpoint about the famous fire in 1666.

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  • The Nativity Story.

    Published 06/12/18, by Sara Lindley

    For a couple of weeks now we have been talking about the Nativity Story and reminding ourselves about the first Christmas story.

    We made our very own stained glass window for the church telling the Nativity story a little at a time.

    Richard and Diana made us very welcome at the church and helped to put up our display for all to see.

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  • A Magpie says Merry Christmas!

    Published 30/11/18, by Sara Lindley

    Just a little bit of fun! Every day in the Magpie class we watch Newsround. This item caught our eye so we thought we would share it with you.

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  • Magpies Morning Routine

    Published 18/11/18, by Sara Lindley

    The year started with a change of routine for the children coming into school.

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  • Magpies?, ducklings!

    Published 09/11/18, by Admin

    A massive thank you to Mr Davenport for bringing in his 9 day old ducklings.

    As you can imagine this caused wild excitement in the Magpie classroom.

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