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Some helpful spelling tips...


I have posted the Sea Lion spellings for the next few weeks on here. We do a spelling text every Friday morning. It is really important the pupils learn these spellings as it helps support their Literacy and reading.

There are many different ways to try and support children learn their spellings and it should not be a stressful experience (click below to see spellings).

Ways to help learn spellings:

1. The look-say-cover-write-check method:

Step 1: Look at the spelling.

Step 2: Read the spelling out loud.

Step 3: Cover the spelling you are learning.

Step 4: Now write the spelling.

Step 5: Check your spelling.


2. Break the word down into smaller chunks:

For example: un/ear/th or sea/r/ch


3. Make it an acrostic:

Create a phrase to help remember each letter of the word. For example if you are learning how to spell the word 'because'









4.  Draw a picture 

Using a picture alongside a spelling may help children learn their spellings particularly if they are a visual learner as they can associate the picture to the spelling. 


I hope this helps and do not hesitate to see me if you have any questions,

Miss Fowell