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Science Week & tree planting...


This week has been Science week in School and the children have had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities! The Sea Lions have absolutely loved it!

We kicked off this week by learning all about the charity Water Aid, we learnt about what they do, where they work and what the charity hopes to achieve. We discussed the importance of clean water and the effects upon everyone if there is limited access to clean water. We learnt what the word ‘inequality’ meant and spoke about why poor access to water is an inequality in the world. Next week our final Science activity will include: searching for bugs, identifying them and thinking about a bug hotel design!

On Tuesday the children took part in tree planting as part of the Nottinghamshire Country Council tree planting project. The children were so sensible and were eager and excited to use their spades, put on their gardening gloves and plant trees around the school. They also learnt the importance of trees upon our environment. Thank you to everyone who brought in wellies! The Year 3's were in the boggiest part of the school field!

Today, Year 3 had the opportunity to meet Richard a Science (STEM) ambassador and we carried out an experiment ‘to what extent does leg length effect how far you can jump?’. The children found that leg length may help you jumping further but having longer legs does not necessarily mean you will always be able to jump further due to other factors e.g.- flexibility, age, being athletic etc.


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