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Maths Support: Telling the time

Just a little bit of maths support for time in Maths..

Hello Sea Lions,

This week and next week  in Maths I have set work on 'time' on both doodlemaths and mymaths. To help with our new maths topic I've written a little blog which includes a powerpoint, videos, worksheets and games which will hopefully help you learn and understand how to tell the time. Please do not feel you need to complete all worksheets they are bonus resources and are there to give you some guidance as this is a new area of Maths I have not yet taught the Year 3's.

I've also included a Year 3  knowledge organiser which covers everything you need to know about time and I've included a KS1 as a recap- this is a super helpful little document to use as a checklist.


Maths time games you might find useful:

A teaching clock to use when starting to teach time:

A short little video to introduce time:




I hope this helps,

As always email if you have any questions about the maths tasks this week please email:


Sending lots of love,

Miss Fowell