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Wellbeing Activities #elsa

Hello Sea Lions, 

I hope you are doing okay and trying to remain positive during this tricky time.

 ELSA have put together 14 days of activities for your children. Each activity is hyperlinked to a resource on the ELSA Support website. Basically this means if you click the BLUE TITLE of each activity it will take you to a page on our website. You can download and print the activity for your children if you so choose.

The activities are designed to help your children’s wellbeing at this difficult time and hopefully help to keep them occupied in a proactive and beneficial way.You can do them in any order or miss days out. It doesn’t really matter. It is purely there for you to use if you need to.


Here is their website if you would like to find out more:

I hope this helps,

Thinking of you all,

Miss Fowell