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Pick me up jars #wellbeing wednesday

A little wellbeing activity you might enjoy...

Hello Sea Lions!

I found a lovely little wellbeing activity you might like to try this week:



Cut up up slips of paper that you can write on  On each slip, write something that you like to do at home, or something that you would say to yourself to make yourself feel better. You can colour the pieces in with bright colours that make you feel happy. 

Fold all of the pieces of paper up small and put them into a jar and use them whenever you're feeling a little blue or worried.

Here are a few ideas you might want to put into your jar:

  • Practice cartwheels 
  • Dance to a fun song (This Girl Can have great Disney Dance Alongs to follow) 
  • Have a bath with lots of bubbles 
  • Sing your favourite song really loudly 
  • Call someone you miss on the phone 
  • Watch a movie in your pyjamas  
  • Play a board game 
  • Make up a new story about your favourite book or tv character Put on your favourite outfit and have a fashion show 
  • Do ten star jumps 
  • Take some slow deep breathes and picture something that makes you happy 
  • “I know I am brave because I …” 
  • “I have been tough before when…” 
  • “I know this feeling will end like when…” 
  • “I handled frustration with … by… and I can do the same again” 

Take care and sending lots of love,

Miss Fowell