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Tremors Writing Task WB 18.5.20 #8

This weeks writing task...


Hello Sea Lions,

I hope you are all doing okay and keeping safe. This week for your writing task I would like you to write a report about Volcanoes for the Newsround!

Here's some more information:


You have just landed a summer internship working for Newsround.


Your mission is to create an informative report about Volcanoes.


How will you make the story of these volcanoes come alive for the Newsround readers? What would they want to know about these volcanoes? What kinds of questions do you have about volcanoes? What do you need to know in order to write about volcanoes?


You will need to research:

• What they look like 

• How they are made 

• What they are made of 

• Where they form 


You might want to create a booklet, leaflet or even create a slideshow for your report. 


(Please see below for more information)


Some great links you might want to use:



I can't wait to read your reports!


If you have any questions or worries as always please email me using the class email address.



I miss you all lots,

Miss Fowell x