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Maths Support: Fractions

Hello Sea Lions,

For the next two weeks or so  I have set work on 'fractions' on both Doodlemaths and Mymaths. To help with our new maths topic I've written a little blog which includes powerpoints, worksheets and games which will hopefully help you learn and understand fractions. Please do not feel you need to complete all worksheets (there's lots!) they are bonus resources and are there to give you some guidance as this is a new area of Maths I have not yet taught the Year 3's and some children prefer working on paper.

Here are some interactive games to help learn about 'fractions'


Websites to support:

Oak academy:

(lot's of fantastic lessons taught by teachers- to provide you with support before completing mymaths, doodlemaths and worksheets)



Great website that includes worksheets, quizes and games


Please email me using the class email address if you have any questions.

Take care and I hope this helps,

Miss Fowell