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Writing task wb 1.6.20 #9

Our tremors adventure continues...


Morning Sea Lions!

Here is your writing task for this week:

Imagine you have just survived a volcanic eruption.

Write a short story about what happened. Make sure you include factual information such as the volcanoes’ strength. Try to use geographical words in your account such as magma, crater, vent and mantle (please see word card attached).


1.  Read the volcano story attached to the bottom of the blog. What do you notice? Why is it exciting for readers?

2. Think about your story  and use the 4 w's to help- who? what? where? when? and how?

3. Now plan your story using your story mountain (see bottom of blog attachments). Think about your punctuation and what exciting adjectives and adverbs you might use in your story (please see grammar and punctuation prompt below). 

4. Write your story using the checklist and word mats to guide you. 

Challenge:  Can you draw your own volcanic eruption alongside your story? You could label it with some adjectives or even sentences to describe what is happening.

Great resources you may want to use to support your writing: