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Welcome Back Y3!

Hello Sea Lions!

We are very excited to see you next week and share our new 'rainbow rules' but we thought we would show you some of the new changes we have made to the classroom:

When you arrive you will wash your hands inside the taped box. We'll learn all about washing our hands and learn songs to help us remember the steps for when we wash our hands throughout the school day.

Each of you will have your own individual desk and a tray to put your books in which is marked out. You will each have a stationary wallet to use which contains pencils, a rubber, coloured pencils, felt tips, scissors, glue and anything which else you may need to use in lessons.

We can't wait to  do lots of fun activities and see your faces!

We hope this helps relieve any worries you may have. If you're not coming back we haven't forgotten you! You'll still receive Miss Fowell's weekly home learning map!


Mrs Betts & Mrs Hill x

Click here for photos of the classroom!