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home learning wb 08.02.21

Home Learning Mat for the week beginning Monday 8th February 2021

Hi Snowdrops,

We are very nearly there!  There is only one week left of this half term and then you get a well-earned break.   Well done for all the amazing work you have done over the last 6 weeks, we are all very proud of you at KPNS.  

Thank you so much for all the fantastic work you have been uploading to Seesaw this week.  I have particularly really enjoyed reading all the interesting facts you found out about the Iroquois Tribe this week and the Dreamcatchers you created look fantastic.

Attached is the learning mat giving information about all next week's lessons containing all the video links you need.  I have also attached all the worksheets and other documents you will need to this blog.  They are all named with the day of the week so you know which day each document belongs to.   There are no videos for the maths on Thursday or Friday.  I have set you some multiplication and division questions to do to practise what you have been learning (multiplication on Thursday and division on Friday).  There are three levels of difficulty on these sheets, please pick the one most suited to your level of confidence with multiplication or division.

I am back in the classroom now so I have to split my time between teaching and home learning.  I will continue to upload a video each day to introduce the day's work but I won't be uploading all the lessons individually so you'll need to come here to the blog to pick up the worksheets and other documents each day and you will need to open the learning mat to get the links for the lessons.

I hope this makes sense.  If you have any queries, please contact me via Seesaw.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and a good week next week.

Bye for now,

Mrs Hill