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New topic for this half term

Our topic for this half-term is Traders and Raiders, read on to find out all about it!

Who’s that waving axes and brandishing swords? It’s the Saxons invading Britain’s shores!

In this topic, we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings who invaded Britain.  So far we have made models of Anglo-Saxon houses, written reports as an onlooker who witnessed the Saxons’ landing, and we've found out about key dates.  Year 4 have really enjoyed doing some map work, plotting the location of Roman shore forts and finding villages, towns and cities with names originating from Anglo-Saxon times.  We have also started making Anglo-Saxon jewellery and are looking forward to finishing it this week.  We'll also be learning about the Vikings, identifying the places where they came from, locating Viking invasion sites, and researching Viking beliefs and gods.

Just to remind you, PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, our timestables test is on a Monday and our spelling test is on a Friday.  Please encourage your child to read at least four times a week and record their reading in their home-school diary.  Please also encourage your child to access Doodlemaths, Doodlespell and Doodletables regularly.


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