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Fruity solar system!

We have had a VERY fun afternoon learning all about the planets in our solar system!

We started off using books to find and research information about the different planets in our solar system, this was a bit of a challenge at first, as we all wanted to use the Internet at first - but we persevered and learnt how easy it can be to use contents pages and glossaries in information books to find the answers to our questions!

Then we chose which fruits would represent each planet (or our sun) in relation to its size compared to others.

Of course the sun was an ENORMOUS watermelon, all the way down to  teeny tiny pomegranate seed to represent Mercury. Then we went out onto the playground to create our own version of the solar system, with appropriately spaced out planets, orbits, rotations and even the occasional satelite and asteroid!

Finally, we ate our planets and they were DELICIOUS!

Have a look at some pictures from our afternoon below!