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SWA science visit!

A science teacher from SWA came to visit Y6 this morning.

Mrs Aram, a science teacher at South Wolds, came to visit Year 6 this morning. She supported the children to carry out an investigation into catapults! They had to make a catapult using wooden dowelling and marshmallows and a plastic spoon for firing. They made a prediction about which marshmallow would travel the furthest: The whole marshmallow, half a marshmallow, a quarter of a marshmallow or an eighth of a marshmallow!

The children used the catapult to fire each size of marshmallow 5 times to make sure it was a fair test and then worked out the mean distance for each one. The children were excellent at working like scientists and were even able to identify some anomalies within their results. Generally, they found that the smaller the marshmallow, the further it travelled!

Have a look at our photos below: