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Final week of Y6!

Find out what the children have been up to in their final week at KPNS.


What a busy last week Year 6 have had! They’ve done three fantastic performances of ‘The Jungle Book’, learnt about genetic characteristics that they’ve inherited from their parents (like tongue rolling and hitchhiker’s thumb), as well as having a cricket tournament with Year 5.

They also had their fun float session at the leisure centre, which is what they wanted to spend their hard-earned cash on from the enterprise project. The rest they spent on pizza! On the last day, they signed each other’s shirts and had their final transition session with Jake from the youth club – they had a go at building marshmallow and spaghetti towers!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the leavers’ assembly this morning, it was lovely to see you. The link to the leavers’ video is below, enjoy!

Leavers' video 2023

Have a wonderful summer and I wish all the Year 6 children the best of luck at their new schools in September.

Miss Hopwood