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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Little Twitchers! (Bird Watchers)

Yesterday in the lovely October sunshine we had an outdoor science lesson. Our objective was to try and identify birds that live in our locality. We watched a video first and found out that the Sparrow is the most common bird in our English gardens.

Armed with a bird identification sheet we spent 10 minutes recording the birds we saw.

Funnily enough, we saw no sparrows! Pigeons were the most common birds in our playground. The children were very excited though .....the magpie class actually saw a magpie!

We also discussed how binoculars help us to see the birds from a long distance. The children decided that binoculars help you see the details on the birds and also mean that you can be far enough away so that the birds don't hear you and fly away.

Finally we returned to the classroom and watched a video that showed a bird hatching from its egg and growing into an adult. The children were all able to then complete an activity about a bird's lifecycle using the words egg, hatchling, nestling and adult..