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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

A Musical Morning

We had a very musical morning on Friday.

As part of our Land Ahoy topic the children were played a piece of music by Rossini from his William Tell Overture - The Storm!

If you want to hear it press here and you will be taken to youtube.

By just listening to the music the children were transported into the middle of a storm!

They were asked to draw lines or shapes in response to the music. Every child created a different piece of work. The music went from being quiet and calm to loud and frightening.

In the second part of the lesson the children became composers and conductors!

Using the feelings that had been evoked by the music they had listened to, the children used different percussion instruments to build up their own storm. They all took it in turns to be the conductor and send a storm around the classroom. Take a look at one of the compositions.