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Mrs King's Elephants

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  • Bringing History to Life.....or death?

    Published 19/03/18, by Sara Lindley

    Today the Elephant class and the Polar Bear Class joined forces in bringing history to life.......Although there did seem to be a lot of death. Particularly if they were given a character from 1853!  

    What on earth are we talking about?

    Well, the children were all given a character to try and portray. The setting was a certain hospital in Scutari, Turkey. This was the hospital where Florence Nightingale took 38 nurses to in 1855.

    Half of the children were not very lucky though as they were in the side of the hall that represented the Hospital in 1853. In those days the conditions were terrible and most of the soldiers died, not from their battle wounds but from the disease and dirty conditions.

    The other side of the hall had a much better survival rate due to all of the measures that Florence Nightingale put in place.

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  • science week! 

    Published 16/03/18, by Callam Montgomery

    We investigated air pressure.

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  • Worm hunting!

    Published 09/03/18, by Callam Montgomery

    We're going on a worm hunt.

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  • Elephant Class Do World Book Day!

    Published 08/03/18, by Gemma King

    Elephant Class dress up for World Book Day! Have a good look, who can you spot? 

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    Published 05/03/18, by Gemma King

    A little Elephant Snow Angel!  

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  • Getting Arty With Animal Prints! 

    Published 02/02/18, by Gemma King

    Usuing clay to create animal prints. 

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  • New Year, New Topic!! 

    Published 17/01/18, by Gemma King

    This term our topic is 'AMAZING ANIMALS!' 

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  • Merry Christmas From Elephant Class!

    Published 22/12/17, by Gemma King




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  • The Day the Snowman Came...

    Published 12/12/17, by Gemma King

    We had so much fun exploring the snow with Mary Christmas and the Snowman! 

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  • Money, Money, Money! 

    Published 29/11/17, by Gemma King

    How much money is in Mrs King's purse? 

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  • Kindness Is...

    Published 19/11/17, by Gemma King

    Showing kindness is checking if people are ok when they look sad. 

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  • Today we became Poets! 

    Published 03/11/17, by Gemma King










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